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Jake Vandenbrink

Jake Vandenbrink

Brooklin, ON


The serenity and solitude of nature defines the realistic art of Canadian born artist Jake Vandenbrink. His work portrayes a timeless sense of calm, through carefully crafted depictions of the landscape.
As a self taught artist, Jake\'s style has developed over many years, evolving since childhood. Early in life he nurtured a bond with nature and wildlife that eventually became the basis for his artistic endeavors.
Working primarily in acrylics, Jake captures the landscape with striking compositions emphasizing light and color. Among the artist\'s favourite subjects are serene lakes, forests, and mountains of North America.
Jake has enjoyed a popular following throughout the past 23 years that he has been showing, and his art continues to attract collectors throughout Canada and beyond. His art has found homes in his native province of Ontario, as well as internationally. He is honoured to have collectors as far away as Japan, Dubai, Europe, as well as a growing clientelle in Western Canada. Over the years Jake has exhibited in fine art galleries across Canada. As well in 1998 a prominent gallery in Tokyo, Japan hosted a solo exhibition of original works of art. All images were of Canadian subjects demonstrating that there are no geographical boundaries in terms of peoples taste in art. His work has also been exhibited in many fine art exhibitions where he has been proud to offer his latest paintings and prints to a growing collector base. Among the exhibitions are the Algonquin Provincial Park Visitor Centre in Ontario, where wilderness is vast and appreciated by thousands of visitors from around the world. This is just one of the many venues where Jake has attracted international collectors.
Residing in Southern Ontario, the artist continues to enjoy creating new art, which he hopes will have a broad appeal. Meanwhile,his travels and love for the outdoors will always breathe new life into his creativity as an artist.


The Colors of Spring by Jake Vandenbrink


Summer Sunrise by Jake Vandenbrink


Urban Oasis by Jake Vandenbrink


Sunrise Shore by Jake Vandenbrink


Autumn Arrivals by Jake Vandenbrink


Guiding Light by Jake Vandenbrink


Mountain Glow by Jake Vandenbrink


Let there be Light by Jake Vandenbrink


A Time for Reflection by Jake Vandenbrink


First Day of Winter by Jake Vandenbrink


Sunset Passage by Jake Vandenbrink


Among Snow Covered Boughs by Jake Vandenbrink


The Height of Autumn by Jake Vandenbrink


Cavell Lakeside by Jake Vandenbrink


Vantage Point by Jake Vandenbrink


Emerald and Gold by Jake Vandenbrink


Summer in the Valley by Jake Vandenbrink


Cool Autumn Air by Jake Vandenbrink


Autumn Mist by Jake Vandenbrink


Evening to Remember by Jake Vandenbrink


As we Walk the Trail by Jake Vandenbrink


A Warm Summer's Light by Jake Vandenbrink


On that Snowy Morn by Jake Vandenbrink


Changing Seasons by Jake Vandenbrink


A Winter's Welcome by Jake Vandenbrink


Aspen Gold by Jake Vandenbrink